When we first met Carol we somehow knew intuitively that she was someone we could trust. Carol has the knowledge, experience and connections you need to find the right place for you in Yucatán. We came to Mérida sure about only one thing: that we didn’t want to renovate. What do you know, we bought a house that needed lots of work! Carol gave us the confidence and support we needed to convince ourselves that it was the right decision. Her expertise helped us to see how we could turn the potential into our dream home in Mérida.


When we decided to buy a house in Mérida that needed significant renovation, we knew we needed someone on the ground to keep an eye on things while we were back in Toronto. Carol suggested an excellent architect-builder and oversaw the renovation in the midst of all the challenges posed by the pandemic. She kept in constant touch with the architect, sent us regular reports, intervened during several mini-crises, shopped for appliances while travel restrictions were in effect, and made a superhuman effort to accelerate the sometimes frustratingly slow pace of construction in Mexico. We simply couldn’t have done it without her.   

Dave & Jamie

 Recommendation for Carol Kirby Williams

We are a married couple in the US who decided to buy a house in Merida in 2017, we found Carol and White City Properties online and planned a trip. For a week Carol drove us all over the place looking at properties, it was like have a personal tour guide of the area! Our budget was entry-level so we did not have high expectations but were amazed by one property: a large colonial house with high ceilings, open floor plan, beautiful pasta floors and a big yard with a giant Ceiba tree. The listing price was barely within our budget so we went for it, but due to miscommunication with the sellers (who were divorcing) the price turned out to be more than what we had in our bank account at the time. After price negociations with the sellers failed, Carol remarkably stepped in and loaned us (without interest!) what was needed to make up the difference so we were able to purchase the property at a bargain and then paid Carol back the following year. Carol also organized and supervised work on the property over the next couple of years: cleaning up the house and yard (which was badly needed), roof repair and sealing/waterproofing, painting, etc. With each project Carol was our eyes, sending us lots of photos & videos of the improvements to the property. Our intention was to move to Merida once we were financially able but in 2020 we had some big changes in our lives and families that caused us to decide moving to Merida would not be for us, so we asked Carol to put the house on the market. It was not long before there was a offer and Carol sold the property and closed within a few months, the process for us was smooth and easy. Of course we had to pay capital gains taxes as non-residents but Carol got a new land survey done which reduced those and overall we came out with a profit of about $35,000 USD!

Carol is an expert in properties and Merida, if you are looking for an excellent real estate agent we highly recommend her and White City Properties!

Kevin & Jasmine Bowman February 21, 2021

January 2017

My wife and I are so happy this week because we just finalized the purchase of our new home in Merida. I insist on giving a shout-out and a rave to our wonderful realtors, Richard and George, at White City Properties. They made the process easy and were a joy to work with. They are both professional and knowledgeable, genuine and caring, and just as important, funny and fun to be around.

They even went beyond the usual scope of their duties and through their own inquiries and research found out how my wife could apply for and be granted Mexican citizenship so we did not need to go through a bank for our purchase. This was after we had consulted ex-pat services and ex-pat attorneys who gave us conflicting and, as it turned out, erroneous information while accepting their service fees of course. The process actually turned out to be fairly simple and the government workers we dealt with could not have been nicer or more helpful. A very nice experience.

Thank you, Richard. Thank you, George. Job well done.

Don Phillips and Alma Navarro

August 14th 2015

Thanks to Carol Kirby Williams at White City Properties in Merida. Todd and I bought our Mexican dream home. She is wonderful with the process from start to finish. Wether you are a foreigner or not ; Carol is fabulous. Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and trustworthy. I always felt we could count on you.

Tammy Jones

July 2nd, 2015

Dear Scott. How are you? I remember how you reached out to us five and half years ago when we first came to Mérida. Your kidness was valued even if in particular felt so scattered with loose strings in America for my retirement income and also circunstances disturbing to me as a father. Anyhow, I regret not getting to know you. You helped Barbara, my friend from Edmonton, Alberta to find their home on c. 70 near to us here in La Ermita sur. I want to recommend you to people coming here to give them their help. Please consider me your friend and I hope that we can share some time with you. Sincerely, Gary 


June 4th, 2015

Our thanks go out to Scott Wormwood for all his help with buying our house in Merida. He showed us five properties, in a range of prices and condition, which was exactly what we wanted. We chose our house, and our transaction went perfectly smoothly. We can recommend Scott for all his advice and guidance.

Peter Hobday

 June 4, 2014

 To anyone buying, selling, or interested in real estate in Merida, Mexico:

 We were introduced to Merida 8 years ago when we signed up for a Delta Airlines introductory non-stop flight from Atlanta.  We had already visited most of Mexico, from a year in Juarez in 1969, to almost buying a house in San Miguel in 1991, to owning a small restaurant in  Cozumel in the early 2000's.  By the time we got to Merida we thought we knew our future, and a winter residence in a warm climate was part of the picture.  We invested in an historic house in an up-and-coming Centro neighborhood, and began a total renovation of the house plus construction of additional bedrooms and baths.  

We thought we had local management in place and found the builder to be quite good and honest, but post-construction problems began immediately including poor upkeep, negligible rentals, and outright thievery.  We enjoyed our occasional vacations in the house, but things were never quite right, and often very wrong.  

When our retirement plans changed 3 years ago, we decided to put the house up for sale, but it was not in the best of shape, the current management was poor to non-existent, and there was no interest in rental or sale.  Enter Reese Williams of White City Properties!

 We had been introduced to Reese by friends in Merida a year earlier.  When we were becoming exasperated with trying to sell the house, we asked Reese to come by and give us his opinion.  After just a single visit he  gave us an extensive list of things that needed to be done to bring the house up to sellable condition plus make it a rentable property while we were waiting for a sale.  We asked him to be our new agent and his honesty and perseverance in getting  the list of things done were very much appreciated.

 The efficiency with which his team completed the task, and at a cost much less than we expected, was amazing.  Reese communicated the progress almost daily and his positive attitude about the project gave us hope that a sale would, in fact, occur.  Rentals now became regular, and when we visited this February, the house looked so good we almost changed our minds about selling.  Reese came through with a buyer in May and we closed painlessly using his trusted lawyer, Jorge Espejo, never having to leave Atlanta.

 We wholeheartedly endorse Reese Williams, Noemi and White City Properties for any real estate concerns in Merida and the Yucatan peninsula.  He and his team are incredibly honest and communicative, and have the skills to handle even the toughest of realty problems.  White City Properties is most professional yet provides very personal service, and your trust in them grows the longer you know them.  

We just wish we had met Reese 5 years earlier.  


Gale and Charlie MacNeill

Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

Gale and Charlie MacNeill

 April, 2014

To: White City Properties , real estate agency in Merida, Mexico

Our adventure started when my husband and I decided that we wanted a retirement home in Mexico. We are from Canada and wanted a nice warm place to spend time away from our rainy cold winters. We decided on the beautiful and affordable city of Merida in the Yucatan Mexico.

After emailing almost every real estate agency in Merida, we got the most attentive and interested response from White City Properties. They answered all our questions promptly and professionally.

After 6 months and hundreds of emails back and forth with Reese at White City Properties we were ready to fly to Merida and look for our retirement home.

Once we arrived Reese and Noemi had several appointments set up and drove us around to each of the houses that we wanted to see. We found our dream home on the 3rd day ! Reese and the professional team at White City Properties set up all the meetings with the lawyer and all the paper work to purchase the house was effortlessly completed!

We will not be back to our new home for several months but Reese , Noemi and their team are taking good care of everything for us until we come back! Now that is great service!

Thank you Reese, Noemi and White city properties for the great experience we had dealing with you!

Maria and Harold

Maria and Harold

"For anyone looking for property in Merida and the surrounding area we can happily recommend White City Properties. They were very helpful during the whole process from searching for the perfect house to helping us with insurance, satellite TV, wifi and telephone. Any house that we wanted to view was always arranged speedily and shown to us in a honest manner explaining all the pros and cons of the house. It was very much appreciated since houses here have quite a different set of issues compared to Canadian houses. Honesty and integrity is always a must and White City Properties delivers."
Fran & Dwight Heslep

September 11, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

As a client of Carol Kirby Williams we are delighted to recommend to you a stellar member of the Merida real estate community. Carol has been our realtor for almost 2 years and we are so pleased with all she has done for us.

We started our search for property in July of 2008. We had been in contact with several agents in the Yucatan area via email and had been searching for property. We received a recommendation to use Carol from a realtor in Playa del Carmen when we decided to move our search to the Progreso area.

We contacted Carol and told her we would be in Mexico for 3 days and would like to see some properties. She arranged to pick us up in Progreso at our hotel and did not charge a search fee like so many of the agents do in the area. We looked at many properties from brand new to properties needing remodeling and from Progreso to all the beach areas. Carol is so knowledgeable about the areas and construction that she gave us really valuable information. We picked a couple of properties and went home to narrow down our decision. We made a decision and proceeded to buy our condo. Carol arranged for us to buy our property from the comfort of Michigan and we did not even have to come to Mexico to sign the final papers, it was so easy.

We did decide to remodel our condo and Carol handled all the construction issues, since she has built and remodeled properties herself in the area. This too was done painlessly. If we asked she had it done in a timely fashion, even picking out our furniture and household items. She is a gem.

Please do not hesitate using her services. Carol is hardworking, honest, and always looks out for her clients’ well being. She is our realtor, but we consider her a friend and that is so nice to have in a country where we do not speak the language. If you would like to talk face to face our number is 269-375-2240 and our email address is kjhoffman@yahoo.com.

Enjoy the journey of buying property in Mexico.


Karen and Ted Hoffmann