Ranch Near Kantunil
Kantunil Yucatan
Living Area: 20 Meters (Convert...)
Lot Length: 435 Meters (Convert...)
Lot Width: 1079 Meters (Convert...)
Lot Area: 480000 Meters (Convert...)
Bedrooms: 0
Bathrooms: 0
Parking: 0


Owner asking $11,550,000 pesos for 48 hectares! Located on the free road to Chichén Itzá just 70 kilometers from Merida’s amenities! You can shop in Izamal if you prefer! This ranch has many trees such as cedros, caoba, ramon and more species of hardwoods. There are approximately 2500 younger Magueyes. You will find hennequin plants and also serrano chilies growing here. You choose how much land you want to buy. Buy it All together or in any portion for $15 pesos per m2. Small 20m2 ranch house for protection against any bad weather. Live life off the grid here! It’s your choice!


$656,250 USD


For more information contact: Carol Kirby Williams, Reese Williams


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