CODE WCP-31550
El Buen Amigo
Merida Yucatan
Living Area: 106.64 Meters (Convert...)
Lot Length: 40 Meters (Convert...)
Lot Width: 9.15 Meters (Convert...)
Lot Area: 350.2 Meters (Convert...)
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Parking: 0


The owner is asking for $1,870,000 pesos. This house was originally the home of a family, later it became an office. The proximity to Itzaes Avenue means that the house can be remodeled or finish adapting as an office. Space is no problem, it has enough space in the yard to build an enclosed parking lot for up to 3 vehicles. For its price it becomes a good investment opportunity.


$106,250 USD


For more information contact: Fernando Ancona


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