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May 2023
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All New White City Properties Web

From the new colors and colorful photos at the top of every page to the Advanced Search capabilities, the White City Properties website has been completely redone and revamped. We’re excited about how it looks, but even more, we’re excited about how much better and faster it works and how it makes it easier for you to find the property that you are looking for in Merida or the Yucatan Peninsula.

Here are some of the features that we think are going to make shopping for property in Merida so much better:

First of all, on the right hand side of every page, the Advanced Search opportunity is now available to you on every screen. Looking for a private home along the Yucatan Gulf Coast that costs between $50,000 and $100,000 USD? With the Advanced Search function, you can zero in on the type of house you are looking for.

Want to expand your search? That’s easy too. Don’t choose any option, and clicking “Search” will bring you every property we are listing. Of course, if you already know exactly what you are looking for, you can find it by typing in the Property Code and we’ll take you right to it!

Once you’ve narrowed (or widened) your search, the results are easy to understand. We clearly mark how many listings are in the particular category you are looking at (there are 7 properties today in that previous category…we add listings all the time, so check back often!), and the properties are listed down the page, with the least expensive one first.

Did you find a property you want to know more about? Click on details for a wealth of important details that allow you to narrow your search even more. Of course, there is a short list of important details at the top of the page, like lot size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. If you can’t do the meters-to-feet conversion in your head, just click on “Convert” next to the meters (or feet) measurement and a conversion pop-up window will do it for you. (A similar conversion pop-up window will convert the property price from U.S. Dollars to Mexican pesos, and vice versa).

Every property is represented by one of our fifteen agents… just click on their name to get their contact information or to easily send them a quick note without having to go back and forth to your email program.

For each specific property, you can read our description or just glance at the Amenities section for a quick overview. Each property has a map showing the general location, and since it’s a Google Map, you can just use the handy “+” and “-” on the left side to zoom in and out to get a better feel for the vicinity. Each property also has photos, and now we’re able to bring you more photographs per property, allowing you to do more shopping from your home and make more informed decisions before meeting with one of our agents.

About those photos… click on any photo thumbnail to bring up the photo gallery. You can page through the photos easily using the arrows, without having to go back to the thumbnails. And now the photos can be bigger than ever… as we acquire new listings, we’ll be able to bring you larger and more detailed photos of each property.

Don’t keep this information to yourself! Do you like the property you are looking at? Use the Share button at the top to share the information via email, Twitter, Facebook and more or use the Print button to print it for future reference.

Even more value. On the left of every page, you’ll see even more valuable content. The Subscribe button allows you to sign up for the White City Properties newsletter with new content sent to your email box on a regular basis. Also on the left are pages about everything from our stated Ethics, Resources (such as local weather and other links), information about owning property in Mexico, a complete list of our agents, testimonials from clients of White City Properties and even a glossary of real estate terms for your reference.

Explore the new White City Properties website and use it to shop for your properties in Merida. Those colorful photos at the top of each page are just a taste of the life that is in store for you when you live in the Yucatan!