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December 2023
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American Football in Merida

American Football is a very popular sport in our country however not a lot of people play it because they think there are no teams or leagues where they can play. But the reality is that there is a very passionate community who loves this sport in Mexico and in our State.

In the southeast of our country is an organization call Organización de Futbol Americano del Sureste ( where 19 teams are registered in different categories:

Teams are divided in categories according to players age and weight:

Category Age
Bomberitos 7 to 8
Junior Peewee 9 to 10
Peewee 11 to 12
Junior Midget 12 to 13
Midget 13 to 14
Bantam 15 to 16
Juvenil A 16 to 17
Juvenil AA 17 to 18
Intermedia 18 to 22
Flag Femenil


In Mérida are two teams belonging to this organization. Tigres de Mérida A.C which were founded at February 10, 1994. Tigres (Tigers) born from a club call “Club Cardenales” created more than 20 years ago by Mr. Bryan Salter who at that time was consul of United States in Yucatan. He was also a former NFL player of San Diego Chargers and Washington Red Skins.

The other team is Lobos (Wolfs) of Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida who start training September 25, 2008 for a students’ petition.

If you are interested in this sport you can visit the OFASE page or if you are in Merida contact these teams:

Tigres de Mérida A.C.
Carlos Cardona Mendoza – Cel. 9991631240 –
Erick Gamboa Alcocer – Cel. 9999008181 –

Lobos del Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida

Daniel A. Sosa Madera – Cel. (999)1229597 –