CODE WCP-30299
San Cristobal
Merida Yucatan
Living Area: 220.86 Meters (Convert...)
Lot Length: 26 Meters (Convert...)
Lot Width: 5.45 Meters (Convert...)
Lot Area: 156.8 Meters (Convert...)
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Parking: 0


The owner is aking $2,108,000 pesos. Beautiful old property with high ceilings and original pasta floors. From the balcony of the second floor, you can enjoy the breeze and the beautiful view of trees in the Park.

Impeccable Art facade. Ready to live or if you prefer to redecorate it This propertyis located near to the Plaza Grande, churches, main market and all the comforts,


$113,946 USD


For more information contact: Martha Moreno


City Water | Colonial Beamed Ceiling | Decorative Pasta Floors | Electricity



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